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Questions & Answers about the app & service

I have downloaded the app, where can I get a login key?

Depending of the destination, you can get a login key from a place listed in the map. E.g. if you are staying at Levin Iglut, you can get a login key from Levin Iglut reception.

You can also get a login key online.

Can I share the login key with other users, will it work?

Login key works only in one device at a time. If you want to change the device, please log out first from the current device.

Do I need to have location services or gps turned on?

No, this app does not use location services.

How do we know there is northern lights visible?

Alerts are based on real-time aurora detection by our own aurora cameras.

Can I test if alerts are working in my phone?

Yes, you can send a test alert using your login key here.

If you don't receive an alert, please contact us at [email protected].

What kind of sound does the alert have?

A loud alarm sound. You can send a test alert using your login key here to hear the sound.

I uninstalled the app and now I can't login again?

Uninstalling the app doesn't log out the login key, you can log out the login key here.

Same applies if you uninstall the app from one phone and try to use the login key in another phone.

Can I get the alert to Apple Watch or other Smart Watch?

Alert does not work properly while you have an Apple Watch or other Smart Watch connected to your phone.

What languages there are available?

English, dutch, german, japanese, chinese, french, finnish, spanish, italian, portuguese and hebrew.

The language will be automatically selected from your phone language settings.

I see some camera image not updating from my area?

All the cameras have their own internet connection, that may fail sometimes. In case of a failure in connection, the alert will be sent from the nearest camera.

I received an alert, but I don't see auroras anywhere?

When an alert is issued, you can check the strength of the northern lights by opening the notification. If the strength is weak, northern lights may sometimes be challenging to see if there is light pollution or a light cloud cover. However, a weak alert is usually followed by a medium alert.

I can see many posts in Instagram/Facebook of northern lights but I did not receive an alert?

Local companies drive up to 100 km away from the clouds to see the northern lights. Most of the social media posts are from these aurora tours.
Our local cameras can detect the northern lights in a radius of 30-80km.

Do you have some statistics, where I could check what are the best months to see the northern lights?

Sure! We have northern lights from September to mid April. You can check the statistic page to help you to plan your trip.

Can I get a login key online?

Online payment is currently available for:
  • Golden Crown Igloos in Levi (works in Levi area also)
  • Levi area
  • Ylläs area
  • Saariselkä area
  • Northern Lights Ranch in Levi (works in Levi, Köngäs area also)
  • Aurora Village in Ivalo (works in Ivalo area also)
  • Rovaniemi area
  • Ruka area
  • Harriniva (works in Muonio area also)
  • Muonio area

Can I take photos of the northern lights using mobile phone?

Yes you can! Please, navigate to our guide here.

Where can I take photos of the northern lights?

Best places are listed here.

Do you have questions or issues regarding the app?

Please provide also your login key, if possible.

Contact us: [email protected]

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