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Receive an alert when the Northern Lights are really visible!

Northern Lights Alert App works in Rovaniemi, Levi, Ranua, Muonio and Ivalo!

Alerts are based on real-time aurora detection!

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9,90 €

Northern Lights Alert app alerts you

The app alerts you when the Northern Lights are visible in the sky!

The app utilizes our own aurora sensor system which detects the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis).

App features

  • Realtime aurora alert based on aurora detection
  • Unique alert sound
  • 6 hour aurora activity & weather forecast
  • List of destinations where the alert is available

When the phone receives an alert, you will see the strength of the Northern Lights, also the exact date and time when the alert was issued. The app has also its own unique alert sound which is hard to be missed.

The app has also a 6 hour aurora activity & weather forecast so you can be prepared when there is high solar activity going on. However, the Northern Lights can still make sudden appearings even when there is low activity at the moment.

You'll need a login key to receive alerts. A login key is tied to a destination and you'll receive alerts from only one destination at a time.

Scroll down for a map of destinations.

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Aurora sensors

The app uses our own sensor system which detects the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis). The sensor system will inform the app in real-time that the Northern Lights are visible.

Aurora sensors are located around Lapland in Rovaniemi, Ranua, Levi, Muonio and Ivalo

"It works like a clock!"

- Alexander Kuznetsov - Editor-in-Chief, All About Lapland Travel Magazine
Aurora season starts again at September 2019!
You will receive alerts by downloading the Northern Lights Alert app and purchasing a login key!
9,90 €

Buy a login key online!

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Alerts sent in current aurora season*

*From September 2018 to April 2019

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