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How to take pictures of Northern Lights using your mobile phone

The most common question asked is how to take pictures of northern lights using your mobile phone.

We made a small but comprehensive guide on how to do it.

In our example, we'll use a basic Android Phone and an iPhone 8 Plus.

Equipment needed

- Mini tripod -OR- a regular size tripod

- Phone holder for the tripod

- Bluetooth remote shutter.
You can use also timer shutter, but we recommend the bluetooth remote shutter because
you can keep your hands in your pocket ❄️🥶

Bluetooth remote shutter

Bluetooth remote shutter.

Mini tripod

Mini tripod.

Regural tripod

Regular size tripod.

Mobile holder

Mobile holder for tripod.

How to shoot auroras

1. Connect the bluetooth remote shutter to your mobile phone

2. Find your camera settings and set the ISO setting to 600 - 1600.

3. Adjust the shutter speed to 1-10 seconds.

4. Place the tripod on a steady surface and make sure that it does not shake.

Small tripod and phone

Place the mini tripod on the ground.

Tripod and phone

Place the tripod on the ground.

5. Press the bluetooth remote shutter and wait.

That's it!

These images were shot with Huawei P30 Android Phone using the remote shutter

Note that these are unedited images!

Aurora immage example 1 Aurora immage example 2 Aurora immage example 3

Best places to photograph auroras

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